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AG Hall Group is committed to a growing global social movement where people from all backgrounds are joining together to build a stronger and peaceful future for generations to come. We intend to contribute by developing multiple communities of significant influence that benefit the planet or society in their own way. Consumers, volunteers, and beneficiaries know their participation is leaving the planet and humanity just a little bit better than if they spent their resources through traditional channels.

The difference? Although we are developing a mix of charities and for profit businesses, those for profit turn the majority of profit over to the parent organization – AG Hall Group, which in turn, uses the funds to create new ventures that contribute to the mission. Corporate greed and individual gluttony is not a driving factor, we are here to do our small part in building a better world.

Not everyone has time to volunteer or extra money to donate to charity, but we all have a choice to spend our earnings wisely with companies who care. If you would choose to buy the same product or service from a company who uses most of the profit to create peace, feed a child, or buy land to dedicate as a wildlife sanctuary – rather than buy the same from a corporate magnate – would you?

If the answer is YES, then you are already one of us. We welcome you to participate by supporting our brands and spreading the word.

Our members know they are part of a family. They care and are part of the solution.

WeMadeTheChange (WMC), is both a source of inspiration and complete resource for youth who have a desire to become future change makers. A visit to the website will show a celebration of those who have made a positive different in the world with a focus on thousands of stories of youth change makers contributed by teachers, churches, social club leaders and many more. WMC has been in development for the past four years. The website has been rebuilt and is not ready for public launch October 2017. After extensive research and travel, we are also happy to announce our flagship initiative and supporting programs.

The Philippines will set the stage for our Institute of Higher Learning & Humanities, set to launch 2019. This school is set to grow in stages, beginning with leased classrooms and ending with a full service boarding school. Students will study a condensed version of standard curriculum and spend an equal amount of time studying the humanities and leadership with an emphasis on practical experience. Students will become the social leaders of the next generation.

Young Heroes is our initiative to inspire youth from around the world to take action. By sharing thousands of stories of courageous youth who have done something extraordinary for society, we hope to inspire those on the brink of taking action on their own desires to make a change in the world. Contributions will come from tens of thousands of schools, churches, and social organizations.

Street 2 School is meant to sponsor children who cannot afford to attend school and have no option but to live or beg on the streets. These children truly understand the challenges that poverty brings. We intend to improve the quality of life of their communities by fostering those who are inclined to become community leaders of the future.



Although the ‘secret sauce’ of this organization needs to remain a secret, what we can divulge is that SafeLancer will play a significant role in the growth of the phenomenon that is internet freelancing. Remote working has been booming in the past years and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is an area where we feel very comfortable in creating big waves. We will be offering a service to the freelancer community as a whole, introduce countries where freelancing has only just begun to catch on, and educate those who take the idea of remote employment seriously. We expect our community to grow to more than 50,000 members within the first year. A project that we have been researching and studying carefully for the past years. The secret sauce is a game changer and to date no one has touched upon our upcoming service. We intend to launch SafeLancer Q3 2018.

Internet freelancing is a game changer for both small business and workers alike. It opens the doors for those who wish to dip their feet into the world of entrepreneurship by providing a vast pool of affordable as-needed talent, it offers and opportunity for large corporation to hire direct without the need for costly infrastructure, and it provides income opportunities for anyone who has access to a reliable computer and internet connection. Job offerings range from entry level data entry, to highly skilled programming, to creative arts, to … you name it! Every day more and more people look towards online freelancing as a source of second income and some venture forth to make it their main focus of employment.

Successful freelancers often grow after gaining experience by finding revenue opportunities that extend beyond the employer/employee type of relationship and some eventually move on to create their own online business. SafeLancer will help people who have a strong desire to take that journey from A to Z.

We will have a strong focus on bringing this opportunity to nations where local revenue opportunities are limited and/or do not pay enough to sustain a family. We intend to help those in need who are willing to help help themselves. If they are willing to put in the effort, we can teach them a new career and dramatically change the quality of life.

VentureSmart is the backbone for all our web development and marketing. A solid five years of consulting and implementation for several high worth companies and individuals has added essential technical and operational knowledge to our toolbox.

An exciting business model transition is now in motion that will allow VentureSmart to break free of it’s old services based focus, to a new digital product based focus. This move will enable us to move much more efficiently on our other initiatives, while generating more revenue to fund new projects as needed.

Staffed by a team of international freelancers, VS brings the knowledge and exposure of multiple cultures and perceptions, which allows us to view each problem from different angles and derive a more comprehensive solution.

The goal of VentureSmart is to solely work with clients who’s business is meant to better society, the planet, or wildlife in some form or another. We aim to support those who intend to make a difference.

United Aid is a bridge between cultures, religions, and personal beliefs. it is our perspective that at the core of humanity, the vast majority of people want peace. When people are grouped together by any number of teachings, they tend to become intolerant of those who are influenced by opposing teachings. These teachings can come from many sources.

UA’s purpose is to bring people from all walks of life together to unite in selfless harmony to lend aid to those who need. We see no boundaries. Race, Religion, Social Status, are not barriers. We are united and stand as one to help those in need, preserve wildlife and nature. The main focus of UA is to simply get people to work together and forget their differences for a moment. We hope people will remember this experience and be more understanding and tolerant next time tensions arise due to differences in belief.

UA is slated to launch a community portal to begin assembling it’s membership base by Q2 2018.

Real Estate is booming  in many areas of the US and Canada, people have been jumping on board the past few years with anticipation of becoming independently wealthy. Those who got in early have been rewarded handsomely. From long term single unit family dwellings, to multi-unit commercial buildings, to quick flips inspired by popular television shows – the industry is absolutely booming and people want in on the action.

We are excited to enter the space by providing multiple essential services for a very large community. Slated to launch Q3 2018, Real Estate Investor (REI) Alpha will make life easier for those who both serve the REI community and those who actively invest. We can;t spill the beans yet, but we are very excited for what has been planned. We have a fair bit of exposure to this industry and are primed to raise to a top player of services in a very short period of time.